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Dental Services

Our practice provides a wide range of dental services, but our emphasis is on total preventive care for our patients. Total care begins with regular cleaning, regular checkups and continued assistance in helping you maintain your teeth. 

When treatment is necessary we provide the highest-quality services for restoring mouths damaged by dental disease and common problems that require cosmetic dentistry. Our primary goal for our patients is to achieve and maintain optimum oral health through advances in techniques and technologies that mimic the natural function and beauty of your teeth.

Diagnostic and Preventive Services:

The goal of all exams and diagnostic services is to assess risk factors for disease and detect any problems as early as possible. By looking for and interfering early we are better able to eliminate the root cause of disease which will result in a more predictable and less costly outcome.

  1. Your First Appointment
  2. Digital X-rays
  3. Salivary Diagnostics
  4. Preventive Services
  5. Pediatric Services


If we do find signs of disease or dysfunction, we treat it as early as possible, eliminating the root cause and not just the end destruction. Our goal is to restore your teeth in a way the mimics their natural beauty and function.

  1. TMJ Therapy
  2. Occlusal equilibration (bite adjustment)

Reconstructive and Cosmetic Procedures:

  1. Whitening
  2. Tooth Colored Fillings
  3. Crown and Bridges
  4. Implants
  5. Dentures/Implant Retained Dentures
  6. Veneers
  7. Extensive Reconstruction