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No Prep Venneers

Smile Missoula has always been on the forefront of new innovations in dentistry. Teamed with the top ceramists in the country, Dr. Olsen offers the most advanced dental restoration in the world today. The no prep veneer allows Dr. Olsen to create incredibly thin veneers that require absolutely no tooth structure removal! Unlike a similar product called Lumineers, Dr. Olsen’s no prep veneer is built with artistic layers and colors that mimic a real tooth, as opposed to the single colored Lumineers. The resulting restoration is very natural and lifelike and incredibly strong.

Many patients are uneasy and apprehensive about enamel and tooth removal, especially when the teeth are in a healthy condition. No prep veneers offer the conservatism of composite bonding while delivering the durability and beauty of porcelain veneers. The very thin contact lens like veneer bonds directly to healthy tooth enamel with no tooth reduction and in many cases no anesthesia. This type of veneer is especially useful in cases where the teeth are too small due to advancing wear or genetics.

Visit our photo gallery to see our unbelievable results. If you have questions about no prep veneers, please contact Smile Missoula for more information.