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Facts on Bleaching Monday, May 12, 2014 Sunday, May 12, 2030

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What is the difference between office whitening and Crest white strips?
The main difference is the higher concentration in the office bleaching, which is why it must be administered under the supervision of a dental professional. This allows much more pronounced and faster bleaching of your teeth. The trays used in the office whitening kit also are scalloped along the gumline, eliminating excess bleach material on your gum tissue. Even a small amount of bleach material on your gums can cause irritation and sensitivity.

Is bleaching Safe?
Bleaching is safe. It is not uncommon to experience mild tooth sensitivity during and for a few days after the bleaching process. Most patients report these symptoms are very mild, if at all, and they do not prevent completion of the process. The process does not remove any enamel and has been shown to be safe when used according to instructions.

Will the bleaching process lighten my existing dental work?
Only natural teeth can be bleached. Teeth with crowns and/or white fillings are not affected by the lightening process.

How long will the bleaching results last?
Teeth naturally darken or yellow with age. The lightening process is a permanent procedure. However, it is recommended that a touch-up process be used once a year to help maintain teeth at their whitest.